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Resuscitation Academy, Denmark

A highly efficient EMS system plays an essential role to save lives and improve outcome after Out of Hospital Cardiac Arrest, OHCA. All systems can perform smarter and better and this is the main reason why the five Regional Prehospital Organisations (Emergency Medical Systems) in Denmark have taken the initiative to implement Resuscitation Academy in Denmark.

Resuscitation Academy, Denmark is derived from the King County, Seattle (US) based Resuscitation Academy and builds on experiences and results from previous successful Resuscitation Academies. The Resuscitation Academy concept is developed since 2008. The reach of Resuscitation Academy is expanded internationally by the establishment of the Global Resuscitation Alliance in 2015 and supports the ambitious overall goal to increase survival after OHCA with 50%.

The inaugural  Resuscitation Academy in Denmark
The inaugural  Resuscitation Academy in Denmark was implemented in the Maersk Tower at the University of Copenhagen on October 30th to 31st 2017. More than 50 invited participants included EMS medical directors and Ambulance Operators in leadership positions with responsibility and authority to implement interventions and programs. The faculty included international experts presenting the newest research and results in the field.

Through the program each participating regional organisation or ambulance operator identified concrete measures to improve cardiac arrest survival in their current local practice followed by appropriate measurements of these action plans. Participants of the Academy committed themselves to implement a Resuscitation Academy program upon their return home.

Read more of The inaugural Resuscitation Academy i Denmark (in Danish).